Living away from home can be a huge and scary step for many for obvious reasons. The emotions a person faces itself can be too much to handle sometimes, especially during the lockdown. When you see your entire group of friends or family hanging out together, you may feel lonely and distressed but you will also be more adamant about keeping in touch with the people you love because you’re always away.

You start being grateful about the little things in life, to which you gave little or not though while you were at home like a dinner table set with home cooked meals when you came back from work or a dirty set of clothes getting cleaned without you asking for it.

We cannot promise you a dinner with friends or family or a romantic dinner with your loved one, but we can promise you that your laundry will be taken care of with just the same amount of love they received at home!

If you have been staying away from home for a long time now, you might already be accustomed to changes and unexpected transitions in life. So how about bringing another tiny change by including us in your routine to give you a little rest from your duties? We will not let you down, that’s our promise!

With work deadlines, cooking, cleaning and making sure that the house is in a good condition at all times, we don’t realize when we grow up and start multitasking like an adult. At this time don’t you feel like your clothes should never get dirty? Because I do!

The biggest challenge during all this is working during the weekends. Because we do not find enough time during the week, we can assign ourselves some work just for the weekend. But we might find ourselves trying to choose between finishing chores and relaxing. So let us take the confusion away from you by letting you relax and spend a laid back weekend while we finish your laundry for you!

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